Samsung’s washing machine debacle


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white mix up New Samsung models that blew up smallerConsumer groups and fire safety experts are alleging that Samsung’s fix of 144,000 recalled washing machines in Australia are still a fire risk with some even burning down homes.

This recall of six washing machine models started after 248 Samsung washers showed fire related issues including 82 cases where the machines caught fire and caused damage to houses.

However, since that recall 27 of the re-worked and fixed washing machines in Australia have shown fire related issues with at least two houses burning down.

This is despite Samsung’s technicians handing affected customers a leaflet, after re-working their machines, stating they had now repaired the 13059529_10153418529191697_1274030494_n
“Your machine has also been tested to ensure that it works correctly and is completely safe to use,” Samsung’s fact sheet states.
Fire fighters in New Zealand estimate one Samsung washing machine catches on f
ire every month.

Thankfully, no one has died in these 13106630_10153418535361697_433777822_ofires, yet. However 100 staff and children were evacuated from a Childcare centre
in Sydney when their Samsung washing machine caught on fire. This could have been fatal if not for the expertise of the staff.

Two independent electrical fire safety experts, with decades of experience, state that the re-worked fix of the washing machine is deficient.

The New South Wales, Australia, Fair Trade (dept. of government) says: “The reworked machines meet the safety requirements of Australian Standards and are independently certified following repair.” 

More than 35,000 Samsung customers in Australia still have (recall) affected
washing machines in their homes and have no idea they are unsafe.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 4.23.03 pm
Also, when the recall was first issued Samsung were only offering to re-work machines but not offering refunds until August of 2015. There are 33,000 machines that have been re-worked that are still unsafe according to expert report.

The Australian government should be ensuring that its citizens are safe over that of the profits of a large for-profit organisation.

It is my intention to continue to follow this story, dig for more information especially on Samsung washing machine components to determine which other washing machines may be at risk, and look into emerging claims that newer model Samsung washing machines in Australia are also catching on fire and some are exploding.


13082153_10153418531496697_1674220853_nThe Korea Observer has confirmed 17 recent cases where nine different Samsung washing machine models have “blown up” in the U.S. with additional cases in Australia.

The washing machine’s top blew off the hinges in many of these cases, sending debris into walls. The barrel has caused the machine to skip around the laundry uncontrollably, putting holes in walls.

There is at least one case where a woman suffered substantial injury and dozens of cases of substantial property damage.

Also, hundreds of Samsung customers in the U.S. are complaining that their washing machine shell is rusting around the bleach dispenser despite many not using the dispenser.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 5.47.22 pmSamsung customer service in the U.S. continue to tell customers that this is not a widespread issue that warrants investigation despite more than 283 people claiming on iPetition that their washer is rusting making it a safety hazard.

My instincts tell me there is more to this story and it requires journalistic scrutiny and further exposure.

If Samsung continue to tell complaining customers that their washing machine is safe or not an issue, when in some cases it is unsafe, then they need to be held publicly accountable.

In Australia, at present, the NSW Fair Trading have not managed to prevent further fires of recalled and reworked machines. Will the U.S. government allow the rusting and explosion issues to continue until it causes casualties?

The media should be putting pressure on Samsung to do the right thing and it all starts with funding this story.


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