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The President of In Defense of Animals (IDA)  lead me to believe that a recently terminated employee was responsible for several of IDA's questionable practices. Several more employees have either resigned or been fired from IDA by the same chief over a relatively short period of time. These staff state that IDA has lost its way and they were fired for speaking out against questionable practices. IDA's senior management need to be scrutinised.

These former staff allege IDA's fundraising is unethical, make misleading and sometimes fabricate grossly inaccurate claims during fundraising campaigns about some of their work. One of their fundraising staff was a key player in an entertainment event against a captive animal who is still the victim of ongoing confinement as an animal trained for entertainment. Some have concluded that this individual cares only about fundraising and not about animal welfare, which needs looking into. This claim, among the others, require thorough investigation.

Preliminary investigations reveal that the IDA executive director of the board is also the president of the organisation, which most would think is a major conflict of interest given that the board is meant to monitor and review IDA's president, its activities and finances. IDA, on its Facebook page, also claimed "IDA's most lifesaving campaigns has been our work to shut down South Korea's horrific dog meat trade" before stating they are moving their campaign into other parts of South East Asia and required funding. The dog meat trade in South Korea is strong and IDA have had very limited impact on the dog meat trade.

Donors need to be confident that their money is going towards the ethical treatment of animals and is not wasted or misused. They especially do not want to be supporting a company that may or may not employ a fundraising manager who is fine with animals being used for entertainment. It is essential that I conduct a thorough investigation into IDA, its management, and interview as many of the former staff as possible. To do this I need resources. Please pledge support so I can further investigate IDA.


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The Project FAQs

Q: Will you be able to get former IDA staff to talk on the record?

A: Yes. I am certain I can.

Q: Do you have evidence of animal abuse?

A: Yes. At the moment that evidence is inferential and I'd need time to track down witnesses who may be able to give testimony.

Q: Do you have evidence of mismanagement?

A: Not yet but I know where to dig to get more information. This will take time and strategic communication.

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