Debate with Leukemia Victims & Samsung Reps


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Secure your seat now! AAJA Seoul will host a debate with senior Samsung officials and leukemia victims over the disputed workplace safety of Samsung’s semiconductor plants.
Baik Soo-ha, a vice president at Samsung, and Samsung spokesman Kim Sun-beom will face four victims that have spearheaded negotiations with Samsung for the first time in front of the media. Hwang Sang-ki, Kim Si-nyeo, Song Chang-ho and Kim Eun-kyung, four victims and  negotiators of the Samsung Electronics leukemia dispute will attend the event.
To register, you need to pledge or donate on this page or you may RSVP by sending an email to
Samsung has officially declared it has officially completed its negotiations with victims over the compensation, on ways to make an apology and preventive measures, though some of the victims disagree.
Three main agenda items of the debate are;
1. Facts over the scale of leukemia and other occupational illness incidence.
2. Disputes over negotiations and claims of reaching an agreement.
3. How to deal with leukemia victims in the future
English interpretation will be provided along with tea and snacks. $1 for AAJA members or those who have attended a fee-paying AAJA event in 2016. For others, $15 if registered online or 20,000 won at door.
RSVP is a must as we expect a large number of people to attend the event as it will be the first time for Samsung officials to discuss the contentious leukemia issues with victims in front of journalists.


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