About Newsbacker

Be a Voice for the Voiceless

Mission Statement

Newsbacker’s mission is to support independent journalists, writers, photographers, filmmakers and media organizations dedicated to investigating and exposing the inconvenient truth about the society we live. We also support whistleblowers, advocates and activists who have compelling and important stories to tell and require journalists’ help to effectively deliver their story to the world.

Who is eligible to launch a campaign?




Fearless independent journalists, photographers, filmmakers, writers and media organizations that need financial backing for investigative reporting.


Individuals who have evidence of illegal or unethical activities in the workplace, including bribery, theft, fraud, discrimination and safety violations.


Those who want to make a difference and bring about a change through a story or a campaign. And those who need to raise money for a good cause.



1% Platform fee

$20 Transaction fee

5% Processing fee

(For tech-savvy campaigner
who can launch a successful campaign
without relying on an expert)


10% Platform fee

No Transaction fee

5% Processing fee

(For those who need help
from an expert in setting up
an effective campaign)


25% Platform fee

No Transaction fee

5% Processing fee

(For those who need help
from a team of designers, journalists
and social-media campaigners)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my project is right for Newsbacker?

You have a perfect project that fits with Newsbacker if you have a compelling story that you desperately want to share with others for the public’s interest but would be rejected or ignored by other crowdfunding platforms, authorities and editors of established media outlets for it being too “sensitive,” “controversial” or “tabooed.”


Can I sell/distribute funded content to other outlets?

Yes! We believe stories that have been approved and backed by Newsbacker should be as widely shared and distributed as possible. You are absolutely entitled to sell and distribute the content you have produced with the help of backers and in collaboration with us.

However, we would appreciate it if you make a donation to us when you make extra money for selling your content elsewhere so that we can provide better support for other important projects. Please note that Newsbacker will also be entitled to sell or syndicate your content on behalf of you and yours backers. In that case, we will charge 30 percent of the proceeds as an agency fee.


Partner with us

We’d love to work with people and organizations that want to support investigative journalism and good causes. Please contact us at editor@newsbacker.com.


Join the team of Newsbacker

We are a small, but dedicated team who are united by a shared passion to empower people across the world to tell and share compelling stories that may otherwise be ignored. We want to live a life with no regrets by standing up against injustice and supporting those who pluck up the courage to change the world. Together we can make a difference. For those who want to join us, please contact us at editor@newsbacker.com.